Chip & Dale

Photo by Dad and Bug’s Mom: Florida.  Chip and Dale thought I was so cute that they pondered taking me back to their tree! Thankfully, Dad and Bug’s Mom were there to rescue me and take me to see so many fun things at Disney!

Change for a Cure?

  Picture by Mark Johnson: Springfield, MO: Anyone have change for a cure? Well, these little kids did! This little jar holds $87 in pennies, nickels, and dimes collected by the EKIDS of Hope Community Church, Springfield, MO. The children, ages 5-12, were asked by their pastor Mark Johnson to “fill a container with coins…


Big Brutus

Wow. Haley Bear has been doing LOTS of traveling this summer!  One of her many adventures this summer was going to see Big Brutus in Southeastern Kansas.  Woah. Take a look at how huge the old mining shovel is! And of course, Haley Bear was able to take the reigns and try Big Brutus out!…


Bible Camp

Haley Bear traveled with the Luna’s to Rogers, AR for a full week of overnight camp at Green Valley Bible Camp in late July.  This was a whole new experience! And talk about Hot & Hilly!  The temperatures were in the triple digits most of the week. There was a lot of up and down…