We want to thank each and every one of you who have had a part in Haley’s Hope over the last 11 years. Thank you to our runners, our volunteers, our fellow donors. We would not have been successful without you. After much thought and consideration, we have decided to not continue our fundraising efforts for Haley’s Hope.

As we close this chapter, we know that Haley’s story isn’t over. She will continue to teach us and have an impact on so many people each and every day.

We encourage you to continue to be involved in great organizations across our community. We hope our paths cross again in the very near future.

With gratitude,
The Family of Haley Stevens

Join us to race in

2021/08/21 19:00:00

About the Harder than Hell 1/2 Marathon


13.1 Miles (21.1 Kilometers), starting at Two Rivers Bike Park and ending just after the bridge on Big Bend.


7:00 pm August 21, 2021, at Nixa High School (514 S Nicholas Rd, Nixa, MO)


Fill out the entry form (download link below) and mail with payment (make payable to Haley’s Hope) to ATC 451 South Union, Springfield, MO 65802. Register at Associated Theatrical Contractors (ATC). You may also register online by filling out the information requested to the right of this page. Race-Day registration can be done at Nixa High School at 6:00 pm.


$65, or $55 if you also run the 5K/10K Haley’s Hope Hot N Hilly at 7 am. Run both races and receive a commemorative gift as well! Day of race entry is $75. Donations are gladly accepted and will be given to the Haley’s Hope Foundation in memory of Haley Stevens.


Transportation will be provided to and from the start/finish lines. No Vehicles Will Be Allowed At Two Rivers Bike Park!

You will be notified via E-mail of your Transportation Group.


Early registrants (by 08/15/21) will receive shirts on race-day. Later registrants will receive their shirts one week later by picking them up from ATC. Bibs can be picked up on August 20, 2021 at ATC before 5:30 pm or on race day at bus time at Nixa High School.


Lights, flashers, personal water bottles, and reflective wear are highly recommended! Hydration/Aid stations will be provided every 2 miles. Awards will be given to the overall, masters, and to the top three in 10-year age groups. Please join us after the races for great snacks and great music!


Rod Pennington, (417) 881-7595, rkpennington@mchsi.com

Download Entry Form

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0.0miiStarting point is at the entrance to Two Rivers Mountain Bike Park.
Head east on 2 Rivers Rd/M-140-A. Continue to follow 2 Rivers Rd.
(N 36.95791, W -93.35544)
1.02miAt Tory Creek Rd., stay left to continue on 2 Rivers Rd.
(N 36.95149, W -93.34054)
2.2miAt White Ash Rd., stay right to continue following 2 Rivers Rd.
*** WATER STATION # 1 ***
(N 36.95132, W -93.32072)
2.38miAt 2 Rivers Rd. & Monterrey Rd., turn left to stay on 2 Rivers Rd.
(N 36.94912, W -93.32019)
3.73miHead north (left) on Aspen Rd.
(N 36.94083, W -93.30246)
i*** WATER STATION # 2 ***
5.26miAt the intersection of Aspen Rd. & Harris Blvd. stay left to continue on Aspen Rd.
(N 36.95834, W -93.31337)
5.71miTurn right to stay on Aspen Rd
(N 36.9614, W -93.32016)
6.1mii*** WATER STATION # 3 ***
(N 36.96304, W -93.32662)
6.25miAt the intersection with Seveno Ridge Rd., stay right on Aspen Rd.
(N 36.96292, W -93.32917)
6.35miHead northwest (left) on Aspen Rd. toward Green Ash Rd.
(N 36.96439, W -93.32904)
6.92miSlight right onto Seneca Rd toward W. Riverdale Dr.
(N 36.97195, W -93.33118)
7.55miTurn right onto W Riverdale Dr
(N 36.97951, W -93.32959)
7.7miHead north (left) on Gregg Rd. toward Prayer Spring Ln.
*** WATER STATION # 4 ***
(N 36.98044, W -93.32725)
8.3miiHead northeast (straight) on Gregg Rd. toward W. Sunny Slopes Dr.
(N 36.98837, W -93.32348)
9.1miHead west (left) on W. Shelvin Rock Rd. toward Timberlake
*** WATER STATION # 5 ***
(N 36.99968, W -93.32343)
10.11miHead west (right) on W. Shelvin Rock Rd. toward High Ridge Ln.
(N 36.99147, W -93.33306)
10.36miHead west (right) to continue on M-160/W. Shelvin Rock Rd.
(N 36.99091, W -93.3374)
10.66miiCross the road to the triangle
(N 36.99256, W -93.34241)
10.69miHead west (left) on W Shelvin Rock Rd
(N 36.99278, W -93.34281)
11.12miHead west (left) on W Shelvin Rock Rd
(N 36.99349, W -93.35014)
11.51mii*** WATER STATION # 6 ***
(N 36.99593, W -93.35572)
12.16miHead northwest (right) on W Shelvin Rock Rd
(N 36.99527, W -93.36618)
12.8miSlight left at the triangle on Big Bend Rd/Ficus Rd
(N 37.00378, W -93.36448)
13.1mi*** FINISH LINE ***
(N 37.00791, W -93.36473)